Ricardo Rendón


Ricardo Rendón is CEO at Rendón y Asociados, he is also a Senior Information Technology Consultant.

Mr Rendón brings more than 40 years of experience in Process & IT, both as a consultant and as CIO in several companies.

He was a consultant engineer at IBM (Ecuador and Mexico), where he drove and developed projects for finance companies, universities, and government, he has been recognized for the successful implementation of these projects.

Later became the Telecomm and Computing Services Director at Dinamica, the IT Service Company for the Alfa Group. Developed innovative IT Governance Frameworks to supply services for Alfa’s companies.

In 1983 he joined Hylsamex as the CIO, conducting for 21 years the IT Strategies and Operations of one of the biggest steel companies in Latin America, he captained the first SAP R3 implementation for Latin America. Also he was a pioneer implementing IT operations outsourcing in the region. Hylsamex was also rewarded for implementing Suply Chain Management and Business Intelligence solutions.

In 2004 founded Rendón y Asociados, consulting firm focused on Management and Transformation of Business through Information Technologies. Coaching and Assesing major groups in Mexico in order to redesign their processes while offering value to their organizations.

Recently developed Consulting projects at Femsa Comercio, Nemak, Sigma Alimentos, Universidad Regiomontana, Alliax, Pepsico, Arca Continental, and Oracle. He is a graduate of the Monterrey Tech (Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey) where he holds a master’s degree in Science and a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. He has attended executive business and technical programs in IPADE, Harvard and MIT. Since 1981, Mr. Rendón has been a professor in the Information Technology Masters of Administration program at ITESM in Mexico In 2013 he was recognized as "Professors that left a mark" in the 70 anniversary ceremony of this institution. He has also taught as a professor at the Independent University in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, Catholic University of Guayaquil, Ecuador and University of Guayaquil, Ecuador. Also contributed to the computer sciences programs at the Regiomontana University and the Independent University Nuevo Leon in Mexico. He has lectured several conferences in Latin America and US Forums.

Mr Rendón was Founder president for ASUG (Asociación de empresas usuarias de SAP), actually he still on the ASUG’s board. He is also on the board for AMPI ( Asociación Mexicana de Profesionales en Informática), in which he was President twice. Affiliate to IMEF (Asociación Mexicana de Ejecutivos de Finanzas) Grupo Monterrey, where he has joined the board locally and nationwide. Also member of CIO Mexico Board, group formed for major CIO’s in Mexico, whose objectives are the development and productivity for them as a group as well as individuals. Also he is a Senior Consultant for Cutter Consortium , a global IT Consulting firm.