Ruth Rendón

Chief Executive Officer

Ruth Rendón is a Process and IT Consultant, also co-founder for Rendón y Asociados.

Mrs. Rendón brings more than 20 years of experience, as an IT Consultant, as well as an IT Director.

She was the IT and Process Redesign Manager at Metalsa SA de CV, the biggest company for Grupo Proeza, she redesigned processes through the use of IT applications and coordinated change management efforts. Also, conducted the first IT operations outsourcing.

Later became founder and Consulting Director at Intellego one of the biggest Business Intelligence consulting firms in Latin America, Mrs Rendon completed and developed the consulting staff. Drove several Business Intelligences projects in companies as Terra, York, Cervecería,and Famsa.

In 2004 became the CEO for SigmaPro Américas, a Lean Six Sigma Consulting firm, subsidiary of SigmaPro Inc. Directed optimization and training projects in companies as CFE, Accenture (IMSS) and Tec Milenio.

The same year she co-founded Rendón y Asociados, a Consulting firm focused in transforming business enabling them with Information Technology. Rendón y Asociados has advised major companies in Mexico in IT adoption as well as in the IT process redesign and value creation.

Within this firm, Mrs Rendon has completed several projects in companies as Nemak, Sigma Alimentos, Alliax, Petrotemex, Alfa Corporativo, Prolamsa, Alen and Terza She is a graduate of the Monterrey Tech (Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey) where she holds a master’s degree in science and a bachelor’s degree in Computing Management. During 7 years was a part time professor at Monterrey Tech for IT related professions. Is an active ISACA member, she has been a board member (Monterrey chapter) and received certifications for CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) and CGEIT (Certified Governance of Enterprise IT).