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Consulting firm focused in Management and Business Innovation, through Information Technologies.

Rendón & Asociados has helped top companies in Mexico, as well as in other Latin American countries, redefining its IT processes and enabling them to generate value for their organizations.

Our consultants, have been leaders and top IT executives within global companies, they have vast experience executing the services that we offer.

Their profile is oriented to comply with responsibility and ethics the values that Rendón & Asociados has since 2004.
To increase the value of our customers through the transformation of its business processes by means of Information Technology.
To become in 2015 the leader in Latin American market of knowledge integration and IT consulting.

To integrate knowledge through alliances with companies, institutions and/or people leaders in the lines of business in which we participate.
Our main value is centered in a high level of professionalism by the incorporation of internal and external associates which characteristics are based on:

- Honesty
- Respect
- Persistence
- Responsibility
- Service

Ricardo Rendón is CEO at Rendón y Asociados, he is also a Senior Information Technology Consultant.
Ruth Rendón is a Process and IT Consultant, also co-founder for Rendón y Asociados.
Fco. Javier Gómez Díaz is an IT and Process Senior Consultant. With more than 40 years leading critical mission projects.
Jaime has a BS in Computer Systems and a Master degree in IT Management by ITESM.
Luisa Plancarte has more than 15 years of experience in Information Security, Project Information Management, Process Mapping and documentation of Methodologies.
Jenizeth Rodriguez has 18 years experience in Application Development, Business Intelligence, Project Management, Data Warehouse, Information Security, IT Governance and Business Processes in different service companies and manufacturing technology.
Roberto Treviño is a Senior consultant. Roberto Treviño has more than 25 years of experience in the Information Technologies and Telecommunications industry.
Antonio Villalobos is a Process & IT consultant. Mr. Villalobos has more than three decades of experience in Process & TI.