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Raul Franco Mercado is a senior consultant in Processes an Information Technologies.

Mr. Franco has more than 38 years of experience in Processes and Information Technology; he has been working as a Consultant and IT Director in different companies.

In Grupo Industrial Alfa, one of the main industrial groups in Mexico, he worked as an IT leader in Dinamica, who is the corporate services company, where he developed HR, Financial Planning and Commercial projects, for steel, paper and tourism companies.

He also was a consultant for the companies of Alfa Group, developing their decentralization plans from the corporate IT services.

In Galvak, the Alfa Group’s steel galvanizer company, leaded the IT function and also worked in Business Planning area, where he developed assessments of investments and companies acquisitions.

In 1993 he was hired by Distribuidora Malsa, leader in Logistics services in Mexico, worked as IT Director for 11 years, where he was responsible for the IT strategy, development of back and front office projects, IT infrastructure and implementation of logistics solutions for the customer of different industries.

Mr. Franco also worked in the integration process of Distribuidora Malsa to Tibbett and Britten, a British company, now absorbed by DHL.

In Logistik, a grain importer company, he was the IT director and was responsible for the development of logistics and commercial applications.

In 2006, he joined CEMEX, a multinational company running operations in 50 countries, as a processes consultant and developed during 5 years redesigns for logistics processes for Cement, Aggregates, and Ready Mix business in Mexico and Latin-American region.

Since 2011 he has been working as an independent consultant in IT and Processes for several companies such as OXXO, Universidad Regiomontana, Despacho Martinez.

He has a degree of Computational Systems from Tecnológico y Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, where he also obtained a Master of Business degree with major in Finance.

Ricardo Rendón is CEO at Rendón y Asociados, he is also a Senior Information Technology Consultant.
Ruth Rendón is a Process and IT Consultant, also co-founder for Rendón y Asociados.
Mr. Franco has more than 38 years of experience in Processes and Information Technology.
Fco. Javier Gómez Díaz is an IT and Process Senior Consultant. With more than 40 years leading critical mission projects.
Jaime has a BS in Computer Systems and a Master degree in IT Management by ITESM.
He is an expert in IT Outsourcing Services, Strategic Planning, IT Operations Optimazation And Manufacturing, Financial and Commercial Customer Service.
Luisa Plancarte has more than 15 years of experience in Information Security, Project Information Management, Process Mapping and documentation of Methodologies.
Jenizeth Rodriguez has 18 years experience in Application Development, Business Intelligence, Project Management, Data Warehouse, Information Security, IT Governance and Business Processes in different service companies and manufacturing technology.
Antonio Villalobos is a Process & IT consultant. Mr. Villalobos has more than three decades of experience in Process & TI.